Krav In Context

Woman-AmericanaBy modern standards, Krav Maga isn’t a traditional Martial Art, it doesn’t have set forms that are practiced, there is very little focus on belts or grading (these are sometimes available to rate progress though), there is no distinction between men and women in training and there are no competitions as the techniques are aligned with reality based application and cannot be used safely in a competitive environment.

Krav Maga has its roots in the millitary, as such, the techniques that have been Attacker-in-Alleyadopted have been proven in combat situations.

The system has been developed with rapid learning in mind, using the bodys natural reflexes to great advantage.

Krav Maga can be learnt in conjunction with other Martial Arts or can be explored as an independant combat system, most Martial Arts styles have positive elements to offer with regard to self preservation, however, not all aspects contribute to effective application in a variety of situations, unlike Krav Maga where every element is usable.

Knife-Disarm-in-Alley-2Imagine being around in feudal Japan and learning the arts that were used to survive in that day and age, that opportunity is lost to us… But, Krav Maga is the art used for modern urban combat survival, tried and tested in todays environment!

This is your opportunity to step into the ongoing evolution!